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Although physics deals with a wide range of systems, a number of theories are used by all physicists. Every one of these theories were experimentally analyzed many times and identified correct as an approximation of nature (within a specific domain of validity). For example, the theory of classical mechanics perfectly explains the motion of objects, offered they are much greater than atoms and moving at much less than the speed of light. These concepts continue to be parts of active analysis, and an exceptional aspect of classical mechanics known as chaos was found in the Twentieth century, three centuries after the unique formulation of classical mechanics by Isaac Newton (1642–1727).

These core theories are essential tools for research into more specialized subjects, and any physicist, no matter of his or her specialization, is expected to be literate in them. These involve classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics and thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and special relativity.

Applied physics is a general term for physics study which is intended for a particular use. An applied physics curriculum generally contains a few sessions in an applied discipline, like electrical engineering or geology. It usually differs from engineering in that an applied physicist may not be creating something in particular, but rather is utilizing physics or performing physics research with the purpose of developing new technologies or resolving a problem.

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